Honey Brook Community Church Walk Through Nativity
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Jesus come to earth...

The first scene depicts the prophet Isaiah who had a vision from God and prophesied the birth of Christ approximately 400 years before it actually took place.

In scene two you will hear from the angel Gabriel, this angel brought the news to a young virigin named Mary that she would be the mother of the messiah.

The third scene shows Joseph and Mary preparing for their trip to Bethlehem. The Roman government required them to take this trip in order to participate in the census and pay their taxes. Mary is great with child and the trip is not an easy one for her

In the fourth scene we take you to Herod's palace which is the same place the wise men came to as they searched for the Christ child. A new star had appeared in the sky and these astronomers knew that a king had been born. But this baby king was not found in the great hall of government.

The fifth scene takes place on the outside of Bethlehem where shepherds raised sheep for the temple sacrifices. God chose these humble men to be the recipients of the wonderful news that the Messiah had come to earth

The sixth and final scene takes place in a stable in Bethlehem. Here the innkeeper shares his story and Mary shares her feelings about being the mother.

EXPERIENCE and ENJOY the true spirit of Christmas.